Friday Harbor Labs presents “Weaving Art and Science to Create Ocean Tapestries”

The Labs presents “Weaving Art and Science to Create Ocean Tapestries”

The Friday Harbor Laboratories presents V’eronique Robigou and John Delaney in “Weaving Art and Science to Create Ocean Tapestries,” Jan. 24, at the Friday Harbor Laboratories Dining Hall. Tickets include dinner as well as the talk. Reserve a spot by Jan. 21 by calling the labs office at 360-378-2165.

In the early 1990s, Robigou and Delaney were exploring the bottom of the ocean in the deep-diving submarine ALVIN off the Pacific Northwest coast. There, they discovered a spectacular 135-foot talk sulfide structure spewing fluids – with temperatures approximately as hot as 700-degree Fahrenheit – out of the seafloor atop an active volcano.

Robigou and Delaney will share how this discovery influenced two professional paths, at times radically different, and at others, fruitfully collaborative. FOr this presentation, their paths merge again as a study of curiosity about and exploration of the Earth written in different “languages” and reaching diverse audiences.

Friday Harbor Film Festival Launches Film Society



Among the many things that make the San Juan Islands special is the pleasantly surprising quality of cultural offerings. Beginning with its debut in 2013, The Friday Harbor Film Festival has presented thought-provoking documentary films that entertain, enlighten and inspire.

Thanks to more than 150 volunteers and 63 businesses and organizations, the second annual Friday Harbor Film Festival was extraordinarily successful. During one weekend in November, over 3000 islanders and visitors viewed an exciting selection of 30 full-length and 12 short films all in some way related to the Pacific Rim. This was a 55% increase over the 2013 inaugural year attendance.

One Step Closer to Island Wide Broadband


Orcas Power and Light Cooperative announced Thursday its purchase of Friday Harbor-based Rock Island Communications.

Rock Island will merge its staff, infrastructure and operations with OPALCO to deliver modern, scalable and reliable broadband services for homes and businesses in San Juan County.

“The full transition may take a little time,” OPALCO General Manager Foster Hildreth, “but we can hit the ground running, thanks to the tireless efforts of Gerry Lawlor, who will serve as the executive vice president of Rock Island.”

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New Orca Whale is Third Calf Born to These Endangered Orcas!



NOAA Fisheries West Coast – Science & Management

New L pod calf!!

Dr. Brad Hanson gives us this latest news from the orca research cruise as well as an update on location of L pod:

25 February update – We were about 15 miles west of Westport this morning when we resighted the whales and observed a new calf – L94 appears to be the mother. To recap since our previous posting, on 23 February we were off Cape Lookout, Oregon following the whales north. Yesterday, we continued following the whales north past the mouth to the Columbia River. Since L84 was tagged a week ago we have been with all of K pod but only part of L pod.

On 23 February Jon Scordino with Makah Fisheries sent us photos taken on 20 February of L25 off Cape Flattery, which indicated another part of L pod was in the general area.

This morning, shortly after we launched our Zodiac we observed L41, part of the group that includes L25, indicating that another group of L pod had joined up overnight – this is first time we have documented pods reuniting on the outer coast.

Fortunately the whales were very grouped up and within a few minutes we observed the new calf – with its unique orange-ish color on the white areas. The calf looked very energetic. We have five more days on the cruise and look forward to additional observations of the calf and collecting additional prey and fecal samples.

San Juan Islands topography

We have such a wide range of topography here in the San Juan Islands. From valley views, mountain ranges, rocky shorelines and miles of sandy beaches. While driving to the West Side yesterday I crossed green fields of grazing cattle with the snow capped Olympic Mountains in the background rising above the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Canada beyond. What struck me even more was when I came across a gushing waterfall. There is no place like the San Juan Islands on a beautiful spring day.

Our 3 & 1/2 year old boxer Lucy

Debra SullivanWe love you Miss Lucy. You have been a true gift and a treasure to everyone who ever had the chance to know you. Walking you thru town felt like being with a celebrity. Your life was too short but your love was strong. You have been a major presence in our lives. You are sorely missed. Never has a dog ever made us laugh so much. Never has our hearts been captured so unexpectedly. We missed the flop of your ears this morning and the snuggles in your yoga positions. You will be in our hearts forever. Until we meet again.


This is how I arrive to where I live






This is how I arrive to where I box



Definitely gets you in the mood. Just arriving here brings out the gangster in you. Serious fun! Kick your butt kind of stuff, all women, and crazy loud music, keeps your mind nimble and your moves quick.

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and will by throwing punches with gloved hands against each other, although we don’t spar with each other (yet) we do throw punches and bust some good moves and laugh a lot!

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller and makes a good fighter.”

There are may diverse activities in the San Juan Islands, never underestimate this unique lifestyle, we have it all!




Village at the Harbor on San Juan Island

We took my 86 year old mother – in -law to Village at the Harbor on San Juan Island 2 weeks ago. Up until that point she had been living on her own a few blocks from our house. It became apparent that she could no longer live on her own. She was not very happy about leaving her home and her independence. Once we took her on a tour of the Village she became excited about the idea. The facility is light and bright with positive energy through out. They provide 3 meals per day in the dining room, they have music in the lobby. They offer excursions around the island, games, excersise, happy hour,  they even have a beauty parlor. She has the option of dining in her own apartment studio complete with a kitchen. They change her sheets and do laundry once per week. The grounds are lovely and the people that work there are very considerate and respect her privacy. They do check in on her to remind her when an event is taking place but they don’t bother her. She has improved her health and well being with the social aspect of living at the Village.We don’t worry about her living alone anymore. When we come to visit with our family dog the smile on her face and the gleam in her eyes are priceless.